First introduced in the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, the Kia Stinger Concept is a powerful vehicle that is also built for practical daily use. A two-door sports car that strikes the perfect balance between fun and functionality, the GT4 Stinger Concept presents an eye-catching silhouette that makes it capable of both smooth drives, as well as a ride on any sports track. 

The GT4 Kia Stinger Concept: Everything you need to know

Designed by Kia's design studio in California, the Kia GT4 Stinger Concept features rear-wheel...continue reading

Buying a used car is a smart investment, especially when you're on a budget. Used cars can stay with you for a long time if you take good care of your purchase.

Here is how you make sure that your used car gains longevity and durability:

1. Get your paperwork in order: This includes liability insurance. Often, a used car dealership will require you to have insurance in place. Car insurance is also a necessary legal procedure in certain states.

2. Check for warranty: Some used car dealerships may provide extended warranties....continue reading

Kia owners rejoice! The manufacturing company is offering huge deals and discounts to all returning customers. If you drive a Kia in Auburn, Alabama, then visit our Kia of Auburn dealership in Alabama to find out how you can make use of the Kia Owner Loyalty Program and bring home a newer, better Kia. Irrespective of whether you are looking to purchase or lease, as long as you own a Kia, you're eligible for Kia's Owner Loyalty Program.

What benefits does the Kia Owner Loyalty Program bring to you?

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It is not just a cold harsh winter that can be brutal on your car; hot blazing summer can be so, too. So, do not ignore taking care of your Kia this summer.

Given here are some tips to keep your Kia in a top-notch condition this summer. 

Check Your Cars Windshield Wipers

Summer thunderstorms in Auburn can be severe, which is why you need to keep your car prepared. Old, worn-out, or damaged wipers can block your visibility, which can be dangerous during thunderstorms.

Check your cars windshields for any damage...continue reading