The Kia Optima relaunched in 2020 with a plethora of new features spanning technology to safety. While it does reshuffle some old features, the 2020 Kia Optima remains an economical choice in its class. It checks most of the boxes for a standard sedan and is a great option for families. In this article, we review the features of the 2020 Kia Optima.


The engine is a four-cylinder non-turbocharged six-speed automatic at the base level, turbo 1.6 liters with seven-speed automatic transmission at the second rung,...continue reading

It is not just a cold harsh winter that can be brutal on your car; hot blazing summer can be so, too. So, do not ignore taking care of your Kia this summer.

Given here are some tips to keep your Kia in a top-notch condition this summer. 

Check Your Cars Windshield Wipers

Summer thunderstorms in Auburn can be severe, which is why you need to keep your car prepared. Old, worn-out, or damaged wipers can block your visibility, which can be dangerous during thunderstorms.

Check your cars windshields for any damage...continue reading


The Kia Soul is redesigned for 2020 and is now a graceful, controlled ride, which is perfect for drivers in the city. A turbocharged engine and optimal seating show that Kia has invested equal time in the car's interiors and exterior. The only drawback of the Soul is that it does not have an all-wheel-drive; it could be passed over by people living in rough weather conditions.





The base model of the Kia Soul includes 16-inch steel wheels, height-adjustable driver's seat, 60/40 split-folding rear...continue reading

The 2020 Kia Forte is a step above today's average car. Conveniently priced at one of the lowest starting points, it has various safety features and standard technology. The car has some of the best combinations of value, quality, and upscale features in its class.


What's new?

In 2020, Kia's Forte has been updated with new sporty variants. This includes a turbocharged engine and extra styling cues. The S trim has been discontinued in the 2020 models.


Features and Variants


Forte FE

The base model of the Kia Forte...continue reading