KIA DRIVE WiSE Explanation

Curious about KIA’s Drive WiSE technology and want to know how it can benefit you? We discuss all you need to know in this article.

It’s a Safety Feature Suite like No Other

KIA Drive WiSE is actually KIA’s active safety feature suite. It includes a host of different safety features such as sensors, radars, cameras, and other systems to promptly warn you of an impending accident and protect you and your passengers. 

Besides functioning as a vehicle hazard alert system, KIA’s DRIVE WiSE also improves driving habits of the driver and helps them navigate the roads better by providing them with customized information. It attempts to minimize the inconvenient aspects of driving. 

A Detailed Overview

What can you expect from the KIA DRIVE WiSE active safety suite? Here’s a list of features you’ll find helpful –

Low Beam Assist and High Beam Assist – With KIA’s Low Beam Assist and High Beam Assist on the DRIVE WiSE package, you don’t need to worry about driving through dark roads again. The Low Beam Assist will help you light up dark roads and the High Beam Assist will turn down your high beams automatically when a car is approaching from the other side.

Collision Warning – You can enjoy Forward Collision Warning and Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning on KIA models with the DRIVE WiSE feature. Not only do these warning systems help you avoid collisions in the first place, they even double up to reduce the impact in case of collisions.

Blind Spot Detection, Lane Keeping Assist and Smart Cruise Control – Blind Spot Detection will help you know if there’s a vehicle nearby that is out of the range of your vision, the Lane Keeping Assist will prevent you from Lane Drifting and KIA DRIVE WiSE’s Smart Cruise Control feature automatically accelerate/decelerate depending on your KIA’s proximity to nearby automobiles.

Safe, Secure, and Dependable – a Brand You Can Rely On

If you wish to check out KIA Drive WiSE’s safety features first-hand, feel free to drop into Kia of Auburn in Auburn, AL anytime. Located near Tuskegee, Montgomery, and Columbia, you can take your preferred KIA vehicle with Drive WiSE technology for a spin and learn how the safety tech works in person. 

Source: Unsplash