How to Use and Connect Android Auto to Your Kia

Kia offers one of the better cars available in the market today, combining affordability, comfort, performance, and the latest technology in one package. One of the first vehicles to recognize the utility of apps and incorporating them in its make, Kia is completely compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. So, whether it is a Kia Soul EV Android Auto or a Kia Optima Apple CarPlay, your Kia vehicle will always have an interface with the latest technology the market has to offer. In case you want to connect Android Auto to your Kia, you can do so by following the steps listed below.

1. Go to Play Store - Use your current smart device to go to the Google Play Store. You can use either a smartphone or a tab for this purpose.

2. Download App - Once you are in the Play Store, search for the Android Auto app and download it once it is found on your smart device.

3. Launch - Launch the app on your device. It is advisable to launch the app when you are ready to interface with the Kia.

4. Setup - After launching the app, press the setup button on your dashboard.

5. Connect - After that, tap the phone or the connectivity button on your Vehicle screen to connect with your tab or phone.

6. Enable Android Auto

7. Connect device – Now, you must connect your tab or smartphone to your car interface by either USB or Bluetooth.

8. Tap Andriod Auto - Now, all that is remaining to do is for you to tap the Android Auto button from your car screen, and you will have Android Auto.

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Source: Kia