Choosing Your Kia Care Choice Service Plan

The best time to choose your Kia Care Choice Service Plan is now because you want your vehicle to remain in perfect health. 

When you visit us at our Kia of Auburn Service center, we will roll out some of the best plans currently on offer. Some of the best Kia service and maintenance offers available now may not last very long, so the right time to visit Kia, Alabama, is now.

Kia of Auburn Service

Our Kia of Auburn Service Center currently has several service plans, one of which will most likely suit your needs. These include everything from 24x7 roadside assistance to Kia Care Express 1 hr or less oil changes. We have Kia factory-trained technicians to ensure the best quality of service, and we are a full-service KMG authorized dealer. Each purchase entitles you to a free car wash.

Kia Care Choice and other distinction plans are meant to give you a carefree cruising experience. You can get in touch with your salesperson or finance manager to learn more. The plans include a vehicle protection plan, an appearance plan, and a road hazard plan.

Kia Care, Kia Care Plus, Kia Premium

Kia care includes not just engine oil and filter change but also multipoint inspection at specific intervals. If you choose to go with Kia Care Plus, you get not only Kia Care Plan coverage but also tire rotations at convenient intervals. Kia Premium includes Kia Care Plus coverage in addition to key replacement, including engine air cleaner filter and climate control air filters at specific intervals.

Enjoy Your Ride without Having to Worry About Maintenance

When you purchase a Kia maintenance plan, you have not just the plan but your peace of mind to enjoy a worry-free ride. Specific wears and tears are included under the recommended services, such as brake pads and wiper blades. The plan term is defined under a set time duration or distance covered. The purpose of the maintenance plan is to keep your vehicle running efficiently. It also optimizes the resale value of your vehicle.

If you would like to know more about the features of various plans and find the one best suited to your needs, we welcome you to our Kia of Auburn Service center in Auburn, AL. We serve the cities of Montgomery, Tuskegee, and Columbus as well. 

Source: Kia