Tips To Fight Off Drowsy Driving

 Drowsy Driving

Tips To Fight Off Drowsy Driving

One of the biggest causes of on-road accidents is drowsy driving. Thousands of people in the United States lose their limbs or lives simply because they drove when they were too sleepy and couldn’t focus. At Kia of Auburn, we understand that nobody wants to drive drowsy. But sometimes it happens. Thankfully, there are some things that you could do to fight off drowsiness when driving. Here are our top tips:

Avoid eating a large meal just before the drive
The body needs a lot of energy to digest heavy meals. This can zap you of the energy and nutrients you need to be fully alert. Eating small meals can help you preserve the much-needed focus for your drive.

Sing along to your favorite tunes when you’re feeling sleepy
If you are feeling sleepy behind-the-wheel, engage your mind by listening to music. Singing along to your favorite songs can shake-off any sleepiness that you may be feeling.

Start a conversation
In addition to songs, conversations are a great way to stimulate your mind and keep yourself awake. If you’re driving with someone else, talk to them. This way, your mind will focus on forming responses and keep you too busy to feel drowsy.

Drink some coffee or eat some chocolate Caffeine is a great anti-drowsiness ingredient. Always keep your car stocked with chocolates, cookies, and candies that contain caffeine. You could also carry coffee in a thermos, especially during long drives or night drives.

Stop the car & get down for a short walk
When you drive for long, your brain becomes accustomed to the motion and tends to zone out. This is when you’re most likely to feel drowsy. If this happens to you, stop the car in a safe spot, get out, and take a short walk. This will get your mind out of the stupor and clear your head.

Find a motel to get a nap in
Finally, the best way to fight-off drowsiness when driving is to get some sleep. If you can’t sleep properly before the drive, find a motel near Auburn to stop during the drive and get a nap in. For more tips on fighting-off drowsy driving, speak to our Kia dealership in Auburn Alabama. We sell first-hand and preowned Kia cars in Auburn.

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