Symptoms of Worn Brakes to Be Aware of


Symptoms of Worn Brakes to Be Aware of

Every car owner is looking for ways to prolong the life of their vehicle. For this reason, it is important to take care of components before they completely degenerate. Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure that your valued asset remains in top working condition. So here are a few symptoms of worn brakes to be aware of -

Screeching noises
If you hear screeching, grinding, squealing, or rubbing, your brakes are most likely damaged. Unusual noises are usually the first indicators of a braking system that has been compromised. If you come across such sounds, your brake pads and shoes require immediate attention.

Vibrations and pulsations
If you sense an unusual vibration or pulsation in the car’s pedals or steering wheel, it is most likely an indicator of metal-on-metal rubbing in the brake rotors. If the rotors wear out completely, it becomes quite expensive to have them replaced. So it's best to take your car to a service center as soon as you feel these vibrations.

Extra pressure on brakes
When your brakes aren't at their optimal best, you may have to press the brakes for longer or harder to slow down. This lapse in brake application and slow downtime is most likely the result of worn-out brake pads. In order to ensure safety, every driver should be able to come to a halt in an instant.

Burning smell
When brake parts are met with excessive friction, they can wear out and release a mix of odors. Any pungent, noxious smells emitted from the tires is a cause for concern. Avoid driving the car any further and ensure that you carry out thorough maintenance.

Brake warning light
Brake warning lights are fixed in cars to alert you in case of any malfunctioning associated with the brakes. If the lights turn on at any point, you will need to visit the service center to identify the problem. It is important to drive the car considerably and avoid excessive force and aggression. Doing so will help you prolong the life of the vehicle.

Source: Kia