Kia Eco Dynamic Vehicles


Kia Eco Dynamic Vehicles

Kia is one company that has always envisioned a greener approach to the development and manufacturing of vehicles. Using advanced technology and thorough research, the company has been able to make more sustainable and environment-friendly options for securing our future. Kia’s Eco Dynamic brand was launched in 2009 as part of Kia’s efforts to positively enable the zero-emissions movement. One of the biggest advantages of purchasing one of Kia’s Eco Dynamic models is the exemption from Vehicle Excise Duty. This comes as a part of Kia’s commitment to offering you more sustainable, fuel-efficient, and fairly-priced vehicles.

What are the Kia Eco Dynamic features?
The following features can be found in Kia Eco Dynamic cars –

• Stop and Go Technology
The start-stop or start and go technology is equipped in models to improve fuel efficiency. With this technology, the car’s internal combustion automatically shuts down when the car has stopped for a longer duration. It reduces the time the engine spends idling, thereby reducing fuel wastage and emissions to a great extent.

• V-Let energy-saving tires
These tires ensure minimum friction while driving on the road. This not only provides a smooth driving experience but also significantly reduces fuel usage.

• Gear shift indicator
It is completely possible for even experienced drivers not to use gears correctly. The intelligent gear shift indicator technology advises the driver regarding the most fuel-efficient point at which the gear can be changed, thereby reducing wear and tear of engine components.

What are the different types of Kia Eco Dynamic vehicles?

• Hybrid
A hybrid vehicle uses two or more different sources of torque to give the driver the choice of saving fuel as and when required.

• Electric Vehicle
Kia’s electric vehicles must be driven by motor alone and offer zero direct-emissions, making it the perfect environment-friendly choice.

• Plug-In Hybrid
Plug-in hybrid vehicles use both fuel and an electric motor. With such an option, the car can be recharged with an outlet and can drive long distances with just electricity.

• Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle
This new technology enables the car to be driven by an electric motor that saves power by using electricity generated from hydrogen and oxygen. With these incredible technology options, you can become an advocate for a cleaner environment by purchasing Kia’s Eco Dynamic vehicles.

Source: Kia