2021 Kia Soul EV

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2021 Soul EV

With a powerful battery charging mechanism and a fantastic electronic powertrain, the 2021 Soul EV is an electrifying new entry on the roads. It is sleek, stylish, and powerful, and the aerodynamic optimization makes it easier for the 2021 Soul EV to ride the air for a seamless driving experience even in low traction.

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Multiple battery charging options If you always worry about how to charge your electric vehicle efficiently, you may enjoy a sigh of relief knowing that the 2021 Soul EV comes with multiple battery charging options. The DC Fast Charging feature makes sure that your 2021 Soul EV powers up faster but does not lose charge at the same rate. These charging outlets are also available nationwide at over 16,000 points. This way, you are never out of charge and needn't fret about the possibility of being left stranded on the road. These options are as follows.

• Level 1 (120 V) DC Fast Charging
• Level 2 (240 V) DC Fast Charging
• Level 3 DC Fast Charging

Smart connectivity features
The 2021 Soul EV is equipped with a multitude of smart connectivity features for you to access quick navigation, send text messages, and even make calls. You can also use them for something as simple as playing songs or listening to your favorite audiobooks. Now, varying functionalities are just a touch away. Moreover, you can control them with voice control. These smart connectivity highlights are as follows.

• SiriusXM Guardian
• Apple CarPlay
• Android Auto
• Remote Access

A powerful mechanism for a seamless drive
The 2021 Soul EV is equipped with a top-notch mechanism that makes the car not only sporty but also quite efficient. These components make sure that the Soul EV delivers maximum throughput, is energy efficient, and also presents a memorable cruise. These components are as follows.

• Rotary Shifter
• Regenerative Brake Pedals
• Electronic Powertrain
• Lightweight wheels sized at 17 inches

Source: Edmunds