Why Buy a Kia?

Why Buy a Kia?

Kia Motors Corporation offers some of the best quality cars and impeccable service. The company believes in making life more convenient and enjoyable through innovative and eco-friendly technologies and comprehensive assistance. So you can be sure that every Kia is made with precision. If you live in Auburn and wondering if the Kia is suited for Auburn’s roads, there are reasons to prove they are.

A sturdy frame plays an important part in a car’s crash safety and styling. Kia cars are made of ultra-high tensile steel by a method known as hot stamping. This increases the lightness of the car while making it stronger, resulting in better fuel efficiency and enhanced crash safety.

Still wondering why you should buy a Kia car in Auburn? Internal safety features include several heavy-duty airbags and an autonomous emergency braking system that detects and prevents a collision before it can occur. The safety warning systems include a lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and tire pressure monitoring. The lane departure warning keeps you within your lane, the forward collision warning system’s camera monitors the distance between vehicles ahead of you and signals when it senses you are closing in on a vehicle, and the tire pressure monitor actively tracks the air pressure of your tires and alerts you if it becomes dangerously low.

Kia’s engine is a powerhouse that consumes minimal fuel while delivering extraordinary performance. These engines are capable of running effortlessly under all weather conditions and terrains. Performance is enhanced by electronic four-wheel drive, an advanced idle stop-and-go system that turns the engine off and prevents idling, and an electronic parking brake and auto hold system that engage/disengage the parking brake.

Every car undergoes a series of tests including road tests, high-speed tests, and corrosion tests to make sure the final product is durable.

As well as delivering exceptional performance, Kia uploads the latest technology ranging from a heads up display, a 12.3inch full-size color LCD cluster, a full-view monitoring system comprising four cameras mounted on the exterior of the car, and a variety of driver assist systems such as driver attention alert, blind spot detection, and emergency braking and navigation systems. Still wondering why buy a Kia in Auburn? You don't have to anymore!

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