2019 Kia Niro Features

 2019 Kia Niro

2019 Kia Niro Features

A state of the art blended hybrid, the 2019 Niro is a versatile crossover that's practical, affordable, and truly spectacular. The 2019 Niro crossover-hybrid is roomy and fuel-efficient. The dual clutch automatic transmission is extremely responsive, thus giving you a professional yet fun-to-drive feel when commuting. This hybrid crossover vehicle is also extremely spacious on the inside. The driver’s seat comes with a 10-way power adjustable feature for enhanced lumbar support as well as an integrated memory system. This enables you to save multiple seat settings that you like the best and use them as you wish. Additionally, the front seats of the car come with heated and ventilated seats, thereby making them comfortable to the temperature you like.

Detect blind spots with Kia Drive Wise
The Kia Drive Wise technology not only enables you to detect forward collisions and send parking distance warnings, but it also monitors blind spots. So you can drive safely and allow the Kia Drive Wise technology to do its job for you. It illuminates a warning light when you happen to be near an object in your blind spot. Thus, you can smartly cruise and park your car without any worry of possible collisions. Additionally, the Lane Keeping Assist System enables you to stay on course without divulging into the other lanes.

Full parallel hybrid system enabling fuel efficiency
The full parallel hybrid system pairs a 1.56 kWh lithium-ion battery with a 1.6L gasoline-direct injection engine. The resulting torque of about 195 lb-ft powers an extremely potent and fuel-efficient car that is practical and yet does not compromise on the fun of driving. The vehicle operates in electric vehicle (EV) mode at low speeds and switches to a combination of both EV mode and internal combustion at higher speeds.

The power of regenerative braking
Regenerative braking allows your Niro to recharge its battery when the car is decelerating. Upon deceleration, the car’s electric traction motor juices up the battery using the captured kinetic energy and thus maximizes fuel economy. This allows for a crisp and adventurous ride in the Niro along with practicality and maximum conservation of fuel and energy.

Source: Kia