5 Summer Car Care Tips for Your Kia

It is not just a cold harsh winter that can be brutal on your car; hot blazing summer can be so, too. So, do not ignore taking care of your Kia this summer.

Given here are some tips to keep your Kia in a top-notch condition this summer. 

Check Your Car’s Windshield Wipers

Summer thunderstorms in Auburn can be severe, which is why you need to keep your car prepared. Old, worn-out, or damaged wipers can block your visibility, which can be dangerous during thunderstorms.

Check your car’s windshields for any damage and replace them if needed. Visit our Kia-authorized service center in Alabama for wiper replacement or repair. We provide genuine parts and reliable service.

Ensure that your Car Tires are not Overinflated

Summer heat can cause the pressure in your tires to go up. If temperatures increase by 10 degrees, pressure in tires can go up by 1 psi for every such increase. Overinflated tires lead to reduced traction, which increases the risk of accidents. Such tires can also blow out suddenly.

Check tire pressure regularly to prevent abnormal tire pressure. Refer your Kia manual to know the right tire pressure for your Kia model.

Keep your Car Battery Clean

Rising temperatures can lead to quick evaporation of battery fluid. This leads to the corrosion of battery parts, including the terminals.

Secondly, heat can accelerate the chemical reaction within your car’s battery, which can cause the battery to become overcharged. This condition can cause battery breakdown.

One way to protect your battery is by cleaning it regularly. Remove corrosive deposits accumulated in and around the battery and its terminals.

For proper battery checking and cleaning, you can visit our Kia Alabama outlet.

Park your Car in Shade

UV rays from the sun and dirt can damage your car’s exterior. Park your car in a garage or in the shade to prevent such damage.

Wash your car thoroughly at least once every week to remove dirt. Give your car a wax treatment every 4-6 months to protect it from the harmful effects of sunlight.

Check Car Fluids

Replenishing car fluids regularly is crucial to prevent overheating of car components such as engine and brakes.

Ensure that the following fluids are always at manual-specified levels for optimal summer performance:

  • Engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Brake fluids
  • Windshield wiper fluids
  • Transmission fluid
  • Power steering fluid

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