2019 Kia Soul Safety Features

When it comes to driving a car, the one aspect that outshines the mileage, performance, style, and price of the vehicle is its safety component. Now that road accidents have become more common than ever, it is crucial to purchase a car with optimum safety features.

Here are some things to know about the 2019 Kia soul safety features:

1. Airbags: Kia Soul is equipped with not one but three types of airbags to make sure that all the passengers in the car are safeguarded from a collision. The car has the following airbags:

a. Front-impact: These are specially designed to protect the passengers’ heads in case of a frontal crash.

b. Overhead Impact: These protect the passenger’s head in case of a side collision. These are also useful if the car rolls over.

c. Side Impact: These are for the front seats only. They protect the driver and co-driver in a side impact by covering their torso.

2. Anti-lock Brakes: If the tires stop rotating with extreme braking, the anti-lock feature will control the pressure and allow the tire room to rotate. This further permits the car to turn smoothly while braking.

3. Pretensioners: Pretensioners tighten the passenger’s seat belt in a collision to provide better protection.

4. Stability Control: If the car’s handling limits have exceeded the normal threshold, the stability control feature will decrease the engine power or apply pressure on the brakes. This eliminates the possibility of an accident as the driver is able to take control of the vehicle.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has also awarded Kia Soul with the title of Top Safety Pick + distinction in 2020. This is IIHS’s highest honor.

To sum it up

Kia Soul is undoubtedly one of the safest cars out there. These features ensure that the driver, as well as other passengers, are safe and protected in case of an unfortunate accident.

However, it always helps to test drive the car first and experience its features first hand before making a purchase. If you would like to test drive the vehicle, head over to a Kia Alabama car center, such as the Kia of Auburn dealership in Auburn, AL. Customers from Montgomery, Tuskegee, and Columbus can head to this dealership for more information about the Kia Soul. 

Source: Kia