You Pay the Same Incentive Program

Program Period:

June 1, 2018 through July 2, 2018

Here's how the Program works:

All Customers are eligible for the program, upon request.

The Customer chooses an eligible, new MY17, MY18 or MY19 vehicle from the dealer’s stock and asks to purchase the car under the “You Pay the Same” program.

If a dealer wishes to make the sale under the Program terms and conditions, the dealership sets the price of the vehicle based on dealer invoice and then reduces that price by (i) current Customer Cash and Specialty Incentives (if applicable), and (ii) applicable Supplemental of $500 for MY17, MY18 or MY19 vehicles available only in connection with the Program.

Note: If a customer requests a purchase under the Program and your dealership agrees to make the sale on the Program terms, the customer is not eligible for a KMA Low APR/Lease program for the sale. 

The following terms and conditions govern each dealership’s participation in the “You Pay the Same for Your New Kia as a KMA Team Member” Program (the “Program”). 

Dealer participation in the Program is voluntary. If a customer requests the terms available under the Program, it is the dealer’s option whether to agree to the sale on those terms.

All Customers are eligible for this program, provided, however, that a sale made under the Program is not eligible for the KMA Low APR/Lease program.